Fall Fashion Roundup

The top 10 trends to embrace this season.

robe coats fall 2014 fashion trends
They're Smokin': Rue de Mail, Richard Chai Love, Peter Som, Chloe, Altuzarra

Fall 2014 fashion is all about warmth, coziness and comfort—with some ethnic influences and a little sparkle thrown in for good measure. The majority of designers sent models down the runway swathed in oversized outerwear, super-soft knits, plush fabrics and faux fur. While themes ranged from ’60s mod to country-and-western, relaxed silhouettes and earthy colors reigned supreme throughout most lines.

Here, a breakdown of the top 10 trends you might want to try this season.

1. Robe Coats. As seen above, bathrobe-inspired coats emerged as the top outwear pick for fall. But don’t get us wrong. These babies are too chic to be worn as housecoats and too versatile to be mistaken for smoking jackets. Designers like Chloe, Richard Chai Love and Altuzarra presented roomy, comfortable shapes with contrasting-color belts that amp … // READ MORE

The Giver
How I Met Your Father
Considering the ancient technology we were dealing with back then, it’s a wonder it even happened, kids.

The other day, my daughter and I watched The Giver, the film adaptation of Lois Lowry’s 1993 novel. The story is set in a utopian society that’s eliminated pain and strife by converting to “sameness,” a plan that’s also eradicated human emotions. A boy named Jonas is selected to be the Receiver, the person who stores all the community’s past memories, in case they’re needed to make an important decision. He’s trained by the Giver, whose job is to transfer all that history—feelings included—to his protégé. In the process, Jonas learns that along with war and starvation and other suffering, the society has also lost the capacity to love and experience other types of joy. Kind of a bummer.

Soon after viewing the film, it occurred to me that people roughly 30 years and older are “givers” to the next generation, and the memories we need to pass down are that of a former //READ MORE

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