Design Your Own High-End Fashion

New websites let you customize your own shoes, bags, dresses—even lingerie.

Prada lovers have been eagerly awaiting the fashion house's new made-to-measure program.
Prada lovers have been eagerly awaiting the fashion house's new made-to-measure program.

Ever wish you could design your own clothing or accessories? Well, wish no more. A slew of fashion houses are unveiling new customizable lines, enabling you to create your own dress, handbag, jeans, shoes or even lingerie. Bespoke fashions, once relegated for the rich and famous, are now extremely accessible, thanks to design-by-numbers computer apps that let you choose your own silhouettes, materials and colors. Here are some of the coolest ways to customize your next look.

Edie Parker bespoke purse

Edie Parker’s Bespoke Collection: Edie Parker’s sleek clutches are often spotted on the red carpet, and now you can have one custom made just for you. A simple program lets you design and preview your bag online at Choose the shape, color, font and color of your bag. Then, personalize it with your … // READ MORE

Is Your Kid the Class Informant?
Someone at school's gotta spread all that juicy gossip.

One day during her second grade year, my daughter came home from school with her first big assignment: to write a report on an ancient Egyptian god. For my child’s subject, the teacher chose Nephthys, a goddess who had two crucial but vaguely similar jobs: to supervise the work of housewives, and to lead women into the underworld.

Nephthys was also famous for killing her husband, disguising herself as her sister, then getting her brother-in-law sloshed and seducing him into impregnating her. Nice role model, that Nephthys. She makes wearing a vile of blood around one’s neck or stepping out of a limo without panties look like the work of Mother Theresa.… // READ MORE

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