Going, Going, Gone

Gone Girl isn’t just a story about a missing wife. It’s also a story about marriage, and the parts of ourselves we lose (or hide) within the confines of our most intimate relationships.

Gone Girl marriage
Insecure Nick likes the way the world sees him when he's married to Amy.

Warning: This article contains spoilers. Lots and lots of them.

Tell me. Would you stay with a lying, cheating husband? Would you live with a man who uproots you from the big city to a small Midwestern town, uses your inheritance to fund his business, then considers trading you in for a younger, sexier woman? Would you manipulate a pregnancy with this guy, then pretend to the world that the two of you have the perfect life, the perfect romance, the perfect relationship?

You would if you were Amy Dunne, the twisted wife who goes missing in the new David Fincher movie Gone Girl, based on the bestseller by Gillian Flynn. But wait, you wouldn’t let him off the hook so easy. Not right away. First, you’d plan an elaborate revenge … // READ MORE

The Giver
How I Met Your Father
Considering the ancient technology we were dealing with back then, it’s a wonder it even happened, kids.

The other day, my daughter and I watched The Giver, the film adaptation of Lois Lowry’s 1993 novel. The story is set in a utopian society that’s eliminated pain and strife by converting to “sameness,” a plan that’s also eradicated human emotions. A boy named Jonas is selected to be the Receiver, the person who stores all the community’s past memories, in case they’re needed to make an important decision. He’s trained by the Giver, whose job is to transfer all that history—feelings included—to his protégé. In the process, Jonas learns that along with war and starvation and other suffering, the society has also lost the capacity to love and experience other types of joy. Kind of a bummer.

Soon after viewing the film, it occurred to me that people roughly 30 years and older are “givers” to the next generation, and the memories we need to pass down are that of a former //READ MORE

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