10 Dirt-Cheap Fashion Staples You Need Now

Smart fashionistas stock up on these affordable basics before they sell out.

cheap fashion staples

Summer’s almost here, and your wardrobe’s in need of warm-weather clothes for weekends, vacations and everyday wear. You want pieces that are versatile and stylish, but don’t cost much (read: won’t make you cry if left in a hotel room or otherwise misplaced). Luckily, top brands are churning out highly affordable basics that are reasonably well made and, in many cases, on trend. Some of these staples have garnered such a reputation that fashion editors stock up on them regularly. So make sure to grab some of these seasonal must-haves, before they fly off store shelves.… // READ MORE

Is Your Kid the Class Informant?
Someone at school's gotta spread all that juicy gossip.

One day during her second grade year, my daughter came home from school with her first big assignment: to write a report on an ancient Egyptian god. For my child’s subject, the teacher chose Nephthys, a goddess who had two crucial but vaguely similar jobs: to supervise the work of housewives, and to lead women into the underworld.

Nephthys was also famous for killing her husband, disguising herself as her sister, then getting her brother-in-law sloshed and seducing him into impregnating her. Nice role model, that Nephthys. She makes wearing a vile of blood around one’s neck or stepping out of a limo without panties look like the work of Mother Theresa.… // READ MORE

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