In the Home Stretch

Shedding almost 200 collective pounds was just the first challenge for this mother and daughter. Now, through their new website, they're inspiring others who are working toward similar weight loss goals.

mother daughter weight loss
Dynamic Duo: Amy (left) and Margie doing their daily workout.

Both Margery Kashman (Margie, as she’s called by friends) and her daughter, Amy Weismann, struggled with their weight for years. Through the decades, Margie steadily grew from a petite size 5, when she was a teenager, to a size 20. Amy fought a similar battle since she was a child and, by the time she reached her early 20s, weighed more than 200 pounds. Not too long ago, both ladies decided they’d had enough. Enough of avoiding mirrors and scales. Enough of feeling out of control at the dinner table. Enough of buying clothes at plus-size stores.

Amy, a writer by trade, was first to embrace a healthier, more active lifestyle. It wasn’t long before her energy began to soar and her hourglass figure re-emerged. This inspired Margie, a former high school … // READ MORE

creating a community
We Are Family
It's not always easy to find your peeps when you're far from home, but it's worth the effort.

The other day on the phone, my mother told me again. “You do too much. Why do you do this to yourself? You’re always running around. You should learn how to say no.” She’s said these things to me for years, partially because she remembers how exhausting it is to be a mom. But also because she can’t understand why I take on so much responsibility that falls outside what she considers the normal realm of family obligations.

Sure, I’m taking care of a home, a marriage, two kids and a dog, as well as attempting to get a new business off the ground. I also freelance, volunteer a lot of time to my children’s school, attend conferences, and very often host meetings and get-togethers in my home. This is stuff my mother didn’t do when she was raising a family—partially because she wasn’t cursed with the same kind of frenetic energy I have, but also because she had no real need—like I do, living so far from my family back East //READ MORE

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