Don’t Weigh Me Down

Let's ease up on the quest for post-pregnancy perfection—and recognize how insanely gorgeous our new-mom bodies truly are.

post-pregnancy body

I am in Hawaii. Paradise on earth. I’m with my husband and my 3-year-old twin daughters. It’s our first real vacation in a long time. But where am I really? I’m trapped in a set of three-way mirrors shedding clothes, outfit after outfit,  immobilized by a black cloud in my head. In this room of mirrors I can see parts of my body that are easy to ignore in the only full length mirror in our dimly lit hallway at home. In summery clothes skimpier than I normally wear, lumps and bumps I don’t recognize seem to have appeared out of nowhere.

My husband comes in. “What the hell is going on?”

“I just can’t get comfortable.” I mumble miserably.  He grasps the situation immediately, which may say something about his level … // READ MORE

disney with kids
Oh, Mickey, What a Pity
Da mouse may be in da house, but my kids would rather be at the hotel pool.

I may have the only kids in America who don’t go gaga over Disney World.

After a recent five-night stay in the “happiest place on earth,” I realized that my children have much different happiness criteria than the Mickey Mouse-and-rollercoasters recipe that floated my boat three decades ago. Yes, they enjoyed Space Mountain, shooting targets with Buzz Lightyear and eating popcorn at 11 o’clock at night while watching fireworks. But for them, Disney World wasn’t the dreamy, end-all vacation it had been for me when my parents took me at age 10. Besides the fact that Disney is now competing with high-tech video games and lowered attention spans, why was the experience so different for my kids?

Full disclosure: When we visited Mickey’s hood last month the temperature in Orlando, Florida, was close to 100 degrees, with 90 percent //READ MORE

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