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become a better listener
Want a More Meaningful Life? Shut Up and Listen
Sometimes, connection and enlightenment happen in the silences.

I’ve always been a little bit of a chatterbox. In the seventh grade, my music teacher threatened to ban me from the middle school concert because I couldn’t stop talking to my BFF during choral practice. Once, during my teenage years, a homeless man in New York’s Penn Station looked up from his spot on the terminal floor to tell me and my sister (another chatterbox) to shut up because our animated conversation was interrupting his nap. And early on in my career, as I played back a recording of me interviewing someone for a magazine, I realized that I was doing almost as much talking as my subject.

Damn, girl.

Through the years, I’ve learned to cut back on the chatter and make a conscious effort not to interrupt when someone … // READ MORE

the chemistry of love
In Love? Blame It On the Chemistry
Hormones are driving your love life, but there's a method to their madness.
new superfoods
New Superfoods That Will Supercharge Your Life
Move over, almonds and acai, and make room in the cupboard for these nutritional rock stars.
free summer stuff to do with kids
10 Dirt-Cheap Ways to Celebrate Summer
Family time doesn't have to cost a fortune.
who broke adele's heart
Who’s the Bloke Who Broke Adele’s Heart?
Her long-awaited new album still has us guessing.
singing can change your life
How Singing Lessons Can Change Your Life
One coach says it's never to late to reap the benefits of belting it out.