How Was Hillary Clinton Defeated?

For many, a shocking election outcome demands introspection.


I woke up this morning hoping it had all been a bad dream. But it was true: Donald Trump had won the election, and to me and most of the people I know it was a devastating outcome. My first thought was, how could we have let this happen? How will we tell our daughters that after almost a quarter of a millennium this country still isn’t ready for a female president—perhaps one of the most qualified candidates we’ll ever see? How will we explain to our sons that abusing women and rallying racists can cut a straight path to the White House?

It is almost unspeakable.

I peeked into the bedroom where my 14-year-old daughter was still sleeping, and where she had retreated after a long, uneasy election night. What was … // READ MORE

become a better listener
Want a More Meaningful Life? Shut Up and Listen
Sometimes, connection and enlightenment happen in the silences.

I’ve always been a little bit of a chatterbox. In the seventh grade, my music teacher threatened to ban me from the middle school concert because I couldn’t stop talking to my BFF during choral practice. Once, during my teenage years, a homeless man in New York’s Penn Station looked up from his spot on the terminal floor to tell me and my sister (another chatterbox) to shut up because our animated conversation was interrupting his nap. And early on in my career, as I played back a recording of me interviewing someone for a magazine, I realized that I was doing almost as much talking as my subject.

Damn, girl.

Through the years, I’ve learned to cut back on the chatter and make a conscious effort not to interrupt when someone … // READ MORE

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