Hooray For Bollywood

The Hollywood musical and the classic rom-com rolled into one, Indian cinema has its distinct and enviable charms. Here, a primer for the novice viewer.

bollywood primer

So you think Bollywood is all about song and dance? You think it’s about saree-clad men and women striking poses that aren’t usually seen outside an extreme breakdancing video? About eardrum-shattering shriek songs that go on for five minutes or more, several times within a single movie? If that’s how you define Bollywood, I can’t disagree with you. However, there’s so much more to learn about these all-too-predictable, yet highly entertaining Indian films.

Here, we will attempt to demystify Bollywood for you. But before we explain what this genre is really about, please note: The Namesake does not count as a Bollywood film, and neither does Slumdog Millionaire. To qualify as a true Bollywood movie, the film must have several important ingredients:

The Hero: Every authentic Bollywood film employs this essential … // READ MORE

disney with kids
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I may have the only kids in America who don’t go gaga over Disney World.

After a recent five-night stay in the “happiest place on earth,” I realized that my children have much different happiness criteria than the Mickey Mouse-and-rollercoasters recipe that floated my boat three decades ago. Yes, they enjoyed Space Mountain, shooting targets with Buzz Lightyear and eating popcorn at 11 o’clock at night while watching fireworks. But for them, Disney World wasn’t the dreamy, end-all vacation it had been for me when my parents took me at age 10. Besides the fact that Disney is now competing with high-tech video games and lowered attention spans, why was the experience so different for my kids?

Full disclosure: When we visited Mickey’s hood last month the temperature in Orlando, Florida, was close to 100 degrees, with 90 percent //READ MORE

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