How Singing Lessons Can Change Your Life

One coach says it's never to late to reap the benefits of belting it out.

singing can change your life

When singer-songwriter Whitney Nichole isn’t composing music or performing in front of live audiences, you’ll find her in the San Francisco music studio she founded with her husband, photographer Niall David, doing one of her favorite things in the world: teaching students how to find their voice. Since launching her business, Songbird Studios, back in 2009, Nichole has not only released her first full-length album, 100 Strong, and performed her pop songs around the country. She’s also been getting singers both young and old excited in music and enjoying the exhilarating rewards of expressing themselves creatively.

Here, Nichole talks to Red Typewriter about the mood-boosting, brain-nurturing, confidence-building benefits of singing your heart out. //READ MORE

Who’s the Bloke Who Broke Adele’s Heart?

Her long-awaited new album still has us guessing.

who broke adele's heart?

Adele’s 2011 album 21, which sold 31 million copies worldwide and earned her six Grammys, was an emotionally charged exploration of heartbreak, loss and denial. But just who was the man who broke our diva’s heart and inspired her breakthrough songwriting? //READ MORE

Say Hello to the Next Big Female Pop Stars

Get to know these ladies before they become household names.

next 5 female pop stars

You Tube has its sensations, and TV singing competitions have their opinions about who’s going to be the next big thing. But we say, these five ladies have truly got what it takes to be on top of the heap: the grit, style, vocal chops and steadily increasing fan base. Have a listen, and when even your grandma has heard of them, you can say you knew them way back when. //READ MORE

Who’s Gonna Tell Janita She’s a Big Star?

Five questions for the Brooklyn-based musician as her new album hits.

Janita Didn't You, My Dear

Helsinki-born singer/songwriter Janita may be 36, but her career already spans more than three decades. She began playing piano at age 3. Started writing songs at age 4. Met her long-time music collaborator (and future husband) at 13. Then, over the next few years, recorded several albums and became a teen pop sensation in Finland. Janita moved to Brooklyn at age 17 and was signed to one of Sony’s music labels the following year. //READ MORE

The Top 100 Love Songs of All Time

10 sexy, romantic, cool playlists just in time for Valentine's Day

top 100 love songs of all time valentine's day

Next week is Valentine’s Day and, like it or not, you’ll probably be hearing lots of love songs on the radio. Even if you’re in broken-heart mode and purposely avoiding heart-shaped boxes and mushy greeting cards, you can’t deny the power of a good torch tune on this or any other day of the year.

In light of the pending holiday, we were sweet enough to cull, just for you, our picks for the Top Valentine’s Day Love Songs. Is this list official in any way? Nope. Did we distribute a massive survey or examine Billboard chart stats? You’ve got to be joking! Did we test the songs on headphone-clad lab monkeys and then monitor their reactions by charting brain serotonin levels? Ha, no way in hell! (But how cool would that be if we had.) //READ MORE

The Top 10 Holiday Songs of All Time

Whether you're feeling naughty, nice or something in between—we've got your holiday playlist covered.

top 10 holiday songs of all time

Yes, you’ve been hearing holiday songs everywhere since Halloween, but today’s the day you may finally feel like listening to some. As you relax at home with your loved ones—perhaps sitting down for the first time after a busy week—here are our Top 10 Holiday Songs of all time, suitable for every sentiment this season. Get your playlists ready! //READ MORE