How Your Child’s Struggles Shed Light On Her Strengths

Our imperfect, beautiful kids can teach us to face our own challenges.


My daughter’s preschool teacher is talking about an incident at school. Eva might have ripped her twin sister, Rose’s, paper. It’s possible she lied about it. Her construction paper farm lacked detail, coherence. Like her letters. Like her stick figures. I’m fond of her stick figures. Their arms and legs come right out of their heads, like an M&M’s mascot. They’ve recently acquired hair that sticks straight up, giving them a punk rock element that tickles me. But I can feel where this conversation is going. I’ve been in the teacher’s position many times. I’ve gently given parents the evidence, the careful presentation of facts, followed by the recommendation. In this case an Occupational Therapy evaluation. //READ MORE

Are You a Mindful Mother?

When you're having one of those days, try parenting the Buddhist way.

Buddhism for mothers

There are days when being a mom makes me feel like the luckiest woman in the world. I feel blessed to have two beautiful children who are thriving under my care, and the rewards seem endless. Other days…well, I don’t have to tell you about other days. Whether they involve temper tantrums, sleep deprivation or just the general chaos that often comes with parenthood, those are the days that try a woman’s soul.

Being a mother is a life-transforming event that can rock even the most even-keeled, self-assured female to the core. Suddenly you aren’t who you thought you were, and the rules that once governed your world are turned upside down by the demands of a tiny yet emotionally powerful little person. //READ MORE

10 Dirt-Cheap Ways to Celebrate Summer

Family time doesn't have to cost a fortune.

free summer stuff to do with kids

It’s summertime, and there are a million fun things you’d like to do with your kids while the days are warm and long. However, cash is not exactly falling from the sky, so a vacation or a trip to a pricey theme park aren’t good options. So how do you keep the fun going for two months without going broke?

The good news is children don’t care if an activity costs a lot of money or if it’s free, because all they really want is your undivided attention. So, here are 10 cheap ways to keep them busy—and you all bonding—during the next few weeks. //READ MORE

Talking Money With Your Kids

Teaching them you're not an ATM is just the start.

how to teach your kids about money

Every day, your kids watch you spend money. You buy groceries. You purchase a pair of new shoes. You hand over your credit card or some hard-earned cash, often with one or two little people standing by your side observing.

Now, I think it’s a safe bet that, at some point in time, your kids have tried to negotiate with you for something that costs money. Maybe they begged for candy while waiting in line at the checkout. Perhaps they pleaded for a toy in the department store. Maybe they asked for demanded a treat from the dessert menu as you ordered dinner. And what was your response? //READ MORE

20 Awesome Father’s Day Gifts

Check out these cool presents for the coolest dads in your life.

10 Unique Father's Day Gift Ideas
Father-and-son matching swim trunks by Tom & Teddy (see #12, below) make a great gift.

Yep, it’s almost Father’s Day again. And if you’re wondering what to get the father of your children, or your own dad, or any other significant man in your life who happens to have kids, we’ve got some creative ideas.

So, before you venture out and purchase yet another humdrum necktie, go for one of these gifts instead… //READ MORE

Is Your Child On the Spectrum?

If you think something's wrong, listen to your heart.

Does my child have absorber's?

My pregnancy with our first child was nothing out of the ordinary, except that she kicked and moved a lot. When she was born, the nurse noticed her face looked blue and her cry was not robust, so they whisked her off to the NICU after I held her for a minute. She was in there for two days as they ran tests and determined that she had some fluid in her lungs. The next six months were a blur of bottles, diapers and a baby who slept perfectly through the night after the third week home. My husband and I felt incredibly blessed.

Things began to change after the sixth month. Our daughter began to change from a healthy, active baby to one who was extremely intense. //READ MORE