The 10 Greatest Multitasking Beauty Products

Stop wasting time and money, and try these versatile babies instead.

multitasking beauty products

Ah, beauty products. The average woman’s makeup bag and bathroom cabinets are filled with them. But do you realize that half of those lotions, sticks and tubes you probably don’t even need? Yes, there are some great products out there that can fulfill two, three or even 10 purposes—lightening your cosmetics bag, but not your purse. Here are our top 10 picks for the best multi-purpose cosmetics to try now. //READ MORE

5 Ways to Look Younger Instantly

These makeup tricks are guaranteed to get you carded tonight.

makeup tricks to look younger

Sure, you’re a woman of substance. You appreciate all the amazing experiences you’ve gained through the years and know you’ve earned each fine line that may have already showed up on your gorgeous face. You also realize that those tiny imperfections make you the beautifully complex individual you are today.

Blah, blah, blah. Even the most intellectually evolved female would be lying if she said she didn’t occasionally long for the fresh-faced glow of her teens and 20s. Even the most emotionally mature among us would be fibbing if she claimed to enjoy waking up with dull skin after partying a little too hard—or staying up with an infant—the night before.

Don’t worry, we’re not suggesting an appointment with a plastic surgeon. But what if we told you all it took was five minutes of simple makeup application to turn back the clock at least five years? That’s right, sister, what you need to look that much younger is right there in your cosmetics bag, so read up. //READ MORE

Spray Your Way to Gorgeous Skin

Put on the spritz with one of these hydrating, refreshing face mists.

facial sprays
Mist Opportunities: There are now dozens of sweet-smelling, hydrating sprays on the market. Photo by INGA LIM.

Yes, we slather, dab, dot and rub many things on our precious faces in the name of beauty. Lotions, creams, ointments and serums all require nimble fingers—or at least a solid cotton ball—for application. But when’s the last time we sprayed a product on our face?

Get ready to take aim.

A few years ago, Evian (yes, the company known for its bottled spring water) introduced the first mineral-water facial spray. Touted as a refresher and toner, the product was marketed toward jet-setting women who wanted to stay hydrated during travel. Soon enough, well-heeled women everywhere were seen tucking these cute white-and-pink spray bottles in their carry-on bags before boarding the plane. //READ MORE

Yes, You Can Rock Red Lipstick

There's no denying the seductive power of a scarlet smooch.

red lipstick

A pale and rather nondescript girl named Shoshanna sits down in front of a big round mirror. Bowie’s Cat People blares in the background. Shoshanna takes out an eyeliner pencil and lines her upper lash line. Next, she slashes blush onto her cheeks like war paint. And then it happens. She picks up a bright-red lipstick, rolls the color out of its tube and begins to fill in her lips. Instantly, she metamorphoses into a dramatic, full-lipped warrior.

I’ll never forget that scene from Quentin Tarantino’s Inglourious Basterds, nor will I forget the saturated red of the actress Mélanie Laurent’s lips beneath her black veil. It’s a cinematic image that’s indelibly fixed in my mind. And ladies, it was that very image that made me run out and buy my very first red lipstick. Since then, life, as they say, has never been the same. //READ MORE

Japanese Beauty Secrets Revealed

How to get that famously lustrous hair and glowing complexion.

Japanese beauty tips

I’ve visited Japan twice, and both times I was mesmerized by the seemingly effortless beauty Japanese women radiate. Their bodies are slim and fit, and their clothes fit so well they appear custom-made just for them. The great majority of ladies—even the women over 60—have flawless porcelain skin that appears lit from within. And their hair—don’t me started on their hair—is always smooth and frizz-free, even in the hottest, most humid weather.

Walking around Tokyo last summer in 99-degree weather, I had to wrestle my wavy hair into a ponytail or bun, or wear it under a hat to prevent that Don King look. And by midday, the little makeup I had on was melting into my face. But there they were, those Japanese girls, walking around the sweltering city in long pants, with their smooth, shiny hair hanging down their backs, not a lock or lash out of place. So one night at dinner, I asked my husband’s gorgeous cousin, who lives in Tokyo and works for a Japanese cosmetics company, what beauty secrets she and other Japanese women were hiding from us Americans. //READ MORE

The Price of Chasing Beauty

Can an early preoccupation with your looks leave lifelong scars?

vanity beauty

I know exactly the angle that my face looks best in photos. Or at least I thought I did. My chin is tilted slightly down and to the right. I smile, but not too big because my natural smile shows too-­big teeth and a lot of gum. I used to believe that this pose concealed, or at least mitigated, some of my flaws: the small  bump on my nose, my crooked right tooth, a narrow jaw. I feel badly that I know this. I wish I didn’t care. Funny enough, people often tell me I’m photogenic, which I take to mean prettier in photographs than I am in real life.

After the birth of my daughters I became concerned about how my history of self-consciousness might affect them. I considered how much time and energy I’d wasted over the years worrying about the way I look, wishing this or that thing were different. I wanted it to be better for my girls. I  want my girls to be soccer players, not beauty queens. If they must date, I hope they date boys or girls who love them for their minds and strongly held opinions. I hope they have friends with tangled hair, dirty jeans and make-­up free faces. I hope they discover beauty and fashion late enough that it amuses them, but doesn’t painfully impact their sense of self. In  short, I want them to be nothing like my teenage self. //READ MORE