Too Sexy for Your Bedroom?

How to put the mojo back into your master.


It happens to even the nicest master bedrooms. First the mattress grows old. Then maybe the lighting and bedding get a little tired. Things that don’t belong there start drifting into the scene. Everything turns messy. If you have children, then eventually the kid stuff —and even the kids themselves—take over. There are many reasons your bedroom may have lost its attraction, but that’s no excuse. Here are a few easy steps you can take to transform your boring bedroom into a bedazzling boudoir.

1. Clean up your act. Clutter in the bedroom is a real libido killer. A messy space can cause stress and anxiety and prevent you from relaxing, which will in turn quash desire. So pick up any clothes, papers, empty glasses, laptops and toys that are on the floor or stacked on dressers or on your bed, and make your room romance ready.

2. Invest in a great mattress. Buy the best you can afford, not only because you spend one-third of your life sleeping on it, but also because you will be hopefully be spending a different kind of quality time there. If the mattress is too firm, neither you nor your partner will want to lounge for too long, so consider a semi-firm, pillow-top or memory-foam variety for both comfort and luxury.

3. Buy beautiful bedding. Sheets that feel soft and silky against your skin can add to the sensual experience, so purchase the best quality you can. The higher the thread count, the better! And don’t forget the sexy extras, such as a faux-fur or cashmere throw, for texture and glamour.

4. Dim all the lights. Of course, you already see your partner in the most beautiful metaphorical light. But using subtle, flattering lighting in the bedroom is even better. Turn off the recessed lighting and make sure the ceiling fixtures, bedside lamps and sconces are all on a dimmer. If you still have regular on/off light switches, you can easily replace them with inexpensive dimmers, available at most home supply stores.

5. Don’t forget the windows and floors. Shut out the world with gorgeous drapes that hang from ceiling to floor. Black-out liners are perfect—the darker, the better, because then nothing to make you want to get out of bed. As far as the flooring goes, choose a soft rug or wall-to-wall carpet that feels sumptuous on your feet.

6. Add sensuous scents. Nothing sets a romantic mood more than scented candles, room fragrance or natural oils. Cucumber, lavender and anything by Chanel drives me wild, but be sure to select something that’s most attractive to you and your partner. By now, you should be ready to indulge in your sexy new boudoir, so enjoy!

—Marla Schrank is senior designer for Artistic Designs for Living in San Francisco.