The 10 Greatest Bombshell Images Of All Time

The photos that became classics, and the women who became icons.

greatest bombshells of all time

There are celebrities, and there are icons. But how do you become the latter? It usually starts with some talent and charisma, then, one day, a skilled photographer comes along and snaps a picture that turns into a poster, an advertisement or a magazine cover. The image becomes a classic. And so does the woman.

But aren’t sensual images like this the opposite of feminine power? After all, anyone can pose in skimpy clothing or show some skin. We say, the true lady legend understands that her sultriness is just one small aspect of her appeal. The photo may catapult her career, but she knows it’s up to her to reveal her more intellectual talents and worldly charms to have staying power. //READ MORE

3 Cool Fashion Apps Inspired by Clueless

Download them in celebration of the classic flick's 20th anniversary.

clueless 20th anniversary

Ugh, as if we could let the 20th anniversary of our favorite teen cult movie slide by without celebrating the occasion.

Hard to believe it’s been two decades since Alicia Silverstone’s character, Cher Horowitz, attempted to transform a rough-around-the-edges classmate into an A-list high schooler, in a Hollywood twist of Jane Austen’s Emma. As for herself, the pampered, seemingly shallow Cher had everything a budding fashionista could want: 24/7 access to her father’s credit card, a killer wardrobe and, natch, a computer program to keep track of all her clothes.

In honor of Clueless, here are three new fashion apps that Cher and her friends would, like, completely be into. That is, once they got over the shock of the iPhone. //READ MORE

The 5 Best Fashion Quotes from Clueless

The hilarious teen cult flick gave us lots of words to live—and dress—by.

best Clueless fashion quotes

Maybe you were just a kid when the young fashionista Cher Horowitz and her Beverly Hills high school classmates rolled into theaters and forced us to, like, totally rethink our wardrobes, friends and boyfriends. In celebration of the teen cult film’s 20th anniversary, here are the 5 very best fashion quotes from Clueless. //READ MORE

The 10 Coolest TV Moms Of All Time

There's a reason we tuned in to watch these quirky, spunky, lovable ladies.

favorite TV moms
Mary Louise Parker as a pot-dealing mom on Weeds. Photo courtesy of Showtime.

Mother’s Day is approaching, and of course we’ll all be paying homage to the most important moms in our lives. But isn’t it about time someone thanked the fictional matriarchs who came into our homes through the years, making us cackle, cry and cringe at their outrageous motherly antics? We thought so. So, in honor of all the highly entertaining, insanely lovable mamas out there, Red Typewriter has compiled a list of the 10 coolest television moms of all time. Happy Mother’s Day! //READ MORE

From the Mouths of Mad Men

For seven seasons, Don Draper & Co. had a lot to say. Here, our favorite 10 quotables.

Mad Men final episodes
Mad Men returns April 5 for its final run. Photo courtesy of AMC.

Sure, they spent most of their time smoking, drinking and engaging in adulterous relationships—and, oh yeah, creating ads. But, hey, it was the 1960s. And besides, the beloved characters of the AMC series Mad Men, which begins its final six-episode run this Sunday, also put significant energy into ruminating about their career lives, romantic lives, political lives and life in general. From secretary-turned-executive Joan Harris’ quips that left us wondering if she was a feminist or not, to creative ad man Don Draper’s inspirational speeches that could sell ice to an Inuit, here are our 10 favorite quotes from the past seven seasons.

1. “Men don’t take the time to end things. They ignore you until you insist on a declaration of hate.” —Joan Holloway //READ MORE

Original Pretty Woman Ending Wasn’t So Pretty

As the rom-com turns 25, a look at how a gritty film evolved into a Hollywood fairytale.

pretty woman 25 years
Roberts was only 22 when she was cast as Hollywood prostitute Vivian. PHOTO COURTESY OF BUENA VISTA/EVERETT.

We all know, deep down, that fairy tales are bullshit. But when Pretty Woman hit the big screen in 1990, we somehow bought into the idea that a Hollywood hooker—even one that looked like Julia Roberts—could somehow win the heart of a successful, gorgeous, romantic Prince Charming.

We suspended disbelief because we had to. The chemistry was that good between Roberts and Richard Gere, the aforementioned successful, gorgeous, romantic Prince Charming—or in this case, a ruthless M&A guy with a sensitive side. But what many of us didn’t realize while we were watching the sexy rom-com (which turns 25 this year!), the plot was quite different from the original film written by J.F. Lawton. //READ MORE